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What do you expect your website to do for you?

Do I Need a Professional Designer?

I can do it myself:

  • Fact #1: Designing web pages is easy.
    • There are many cheap and even free web design programs available.
    • Most of these programs allow the novice user to design a web page in WYSIWYG mode ("What You See Is What You Get").
    • Some programs such as Word, Powerpoint and Publisher have a "Save as web page" option.
    • So, if you are reasonably computer literate you can design your own web page.


  • Fact #2: Designing an effective website is difficult!
    • There are different computer operating systems in use (Windows, Mac, Linux), many different browsers (Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari) and each have their own peculiarities to cope with. Do you know what your website will look like with all these variations?
    • In 2014 statistics showed that 29% of web searches were from mobile devices.
    • But a year later Google confirmed that mobile search queries have overtaken desktop queries. Desigining your website to respond to different screen sizes is no longer an option - it is essential.
    • You can read more about Responsive web design.
    • A website which is not properly indexed by search engines is like a library book locked away in a storeroom - it is of no use to anyone. So, what is the point of marketing your business on a website if nobody is ever going to find it? Search engine optimization is not an easy task, but it is vital to the success of your business website.
    • Web users are VERY impatient; if they do not find what they want on your website within a few seconds you will lose their interest - that's all the time you have to capture them! Fancy animated graphics have their place, but if your web takes too long to download you are going to lose your visitors before they have even had a chance to see your home page. Unless you are running a nightclub, would you employ a bouncer to chase away your customers before they have even walked into your front door?


  • Unless you are really dedicated and are prepared to face a steep learning-curve, d-i-y may not the best option for you.

We are here to help you!

Alphabyte offers you:

  1. Effectiveness: Our aim is to not merely to provide you with a website, but to provide you with an effective business tool.
  2. Reliability: We have been around for many years and will still be here for years to come.
  3. Affordability: Our established organization keeps your costs reasonable and affordable.

Okay - it sounds good. Where do I go from here?

Simply tell us what you need...

and we'll contact you, answer any queries you may have,
and take it from there.


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What is your website going to do for you?

Buying a new car is exciting! You will probably spend a good deal of time deciding on the make, model and colour of your choice. You also need to decide what it must do for you: are you going to use it mainly for commuting (short distance, one or two people), holidays (long distance with the whole family and their luggage), or maybe even off-road?

Similarly, before you consider establishing or revamping your website you need to decide what it must do for you: is it to establish your brand, to advertise your products, or maybe to sell directly online? Equipped with this knowledge we will make sure that your website meets your needs and expectations.